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Solutions that enable true transformation and development

Exact is powered by highly skilled resources that are proficient in their respective domains. Whether it be cyber security solutions, AI services, Cloud hosting, software development, or workplace enterprise development. You will find us ahead of our game, employing innovative and latest methodologies, performing best organizational practices, and maximizing value for your business to help you achieve your goals.


Customer-centric values with incomparable capabilities

Aside from our highly committed staff that comprises seasoned professionals, we are equally driven by our passion to stay true to our values of putting the requirements of our client before ours. This is why we are highly responsive, attentive, and put in our best efforts to develop a deep understanding of the requirements of our clients before we start with an assignment.

From consulting to resourcing, with Next-Gen technology

Whether it’s procurement, project service, or managed services, our expertise covers a broad spectrum that incorporates any or all aspects of software development, AI services, cyber security solutions, wireless networks and many more. We are IT professionals, for all industries, including other IT professionals.

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Experience The Difference

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A Reliable Local Partner

We are your friendly neighbourhood tech partners, not only do we know the market, but our tech is world-class!

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Overcome Industrial Challenges

A wide range of industrial solutions, each curated according to the specific requirements of our clients

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Stay Ahead Of the Competition

Technology is making industries diverse and transforming the entire landscape of how things work. Don’t let that hold you back

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Networking Services

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Data Processing & AI Services

Get the right insights and analytics along with AI to help you process and navigate through the data

Cyber Security

Enhance your cyber security and protect the intellectual assets of your organization against hackers and malware

Software Development

Australia’s leading software development services for all industries to help businesses flourish and thrive

Cloud Services

A leading company in the provision of cloud services like SaaS solutions, cloud infrastructure, and cloud platform building

Workplace Solutions

Ranging from highly efficient CMS to the development of customized workplace software solutions, Exact is at hand

Our Insights And Studies:

As a leading Information Technology Company, Exact has industrywide insights into the global and in particular, Australian IT market. View the industry from the eyes of our experts and benefit from our studies of various projects and technologies.


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