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We are Exact! A leading Australian information technology company that provides amplitude of services including but not limited to software development, Cloud Solutions, Cyber security services, and many others. Serving a plethora of industries nationwide and across the globe, we are a future-oriented company that empowers its clients with future-proof solutions and emerging technologies like robotics, AI and Machine learning, automation and robotics, among a few. By harnessing the power of all these technologies, we enable businesses to meet the emerging requirements of their respective industries and stay ahead of the competition.

As a beacon of excellence among Australian technology companies, Exact is proud of its global outreach and portfolio, comprising of (insert number) employees. We are wholeheartedly committed to good professional practices and sustainability at the core of our ideology. As a big family spread nation and worldwide, we innovate, create, and lead for others to follow I our footsteps. At Exact, we firmly believe in working for the betterment of this world and coming up with solutions that make our industry essential for the future of a better world.

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Driving Value Via Modernization

We Believe the future belongs to those who work to cease it today

Technologically Driven and Passionate

Technology has been leading the path thus far, so that is where our compass points to date

Working As Equals

We work with you as partners, on equal terms. We always take your input on things and suggest the most appropriate solutions that meet your requirements the best.

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Our Strategy

Exact is more than just an IT services company, as we have our emphasis directed towards the extensive emerging requirements of the industries worldwide. With rapid development in technology across all industries, we keep a close eye on complex industrial problems and keep up with our research for the development of solutions that can better tackle those challenges. Our strategy is being pre-emptively prepared and scouring the digital landscape for emerging talents so we are always prepared to better our existing capabilities to meet the challenges of tomorrow.

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As a Leading Information Technology Company, Exact is the Provider OF the Most Authentic and Trusted Managed Service in Australia

We are partnered with the industry pioneers