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Expertise & Practices

AI & Automation:

Empower your business with automation, integrated with AI to ensure high efficiency and effective utilization of data

Exact Base:Get command over all your operations, managing them from end to end, ensuring transparency and high efficiency

Exact HarmonyTransform your business practices, harmonize the processes, make it all flow like melody

Exact AssurenxtEvolve your Quality Assurance processes with the integration of AI and Automation

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Cyber Security

Enhance your business resilience with powerful cyber security. Mitigate digital security risks and protect the digital, and intellectual assets of your organization.

The domain of cyber security has boomed, given the fact that its need has skyrocketed with an increasing number of cyber security risks. Cyber security analyst at Exact will strengthen your online protection and ensure your digital assets remain well-protected. By keeping you apt and readily armed against online threats, our cybersecurity services will ensure you never get to face any security breaches.


Make your business smart with the help of data analytics for faster decision making will minimal governance

Exact Data Discovery Platform
Latest insights about your industry are readily available to try and experiment with

Exact Smart i-Connect
IoT based ready to deploy solutions with multi-domain capabilities

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Cloud Solutions:

Save up on cost for locally deployed resources and have assets remotely managed with ease.

The world is moving to cloud technology based on the feasibility and convenience it creates. Sadly, a great many that want to undergo the transformation lack the skill, tools, processes to complete this transition effectively. Cloud solution consultants at Exact will help you choose the right options the right way for maximum optimization of your resources and technology to ensure you get to benefit from this technology to the maximum.

Industry Platforms


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As a Leading Information Technology Company, Exact is the Provider OF the Most Authentic and Trusted Managed Service in Australia

We are partnered with the industry pioneers

Our Insights And Studies:

As a leading Information Technology Company, Exact has industrywide insights into the global and in particular, Australian IT market. View the industry from the eyes of our experts and benefit from our studies of various projects and technologies.


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